How are your murals created?

Traditional murals are painted directly onto a primed wall using acrylic or spray paint. Unfortunately, this method is restricted by sunlit working hours, weather conditions, and inevitable peeling and fading. 

ORLUarts instead uses the “parachute cloth” method which is gaining popularity on the East Coast. We paint the mural in sections onto a synthetic canvas-like material in our studio. Once the piece is completed, the sections are applied to the wall using a super-strong adhesive, and then is triple-sealed with a UV protectant.

Parachute cloth takes on the texture of the wall it’s applied to and becomes a permanent fixture, preventing peeling, fading, and extending the life of the mural by decades.

Using this method, murals go up in a fraction of the time of traditional pieces, preventing prolonged clogging of sidewalks and walkways, and cutting scaffolding or swing stage costs markedly. 

Do you only work locally?

Because we paint our murals in the studio on parachute cloth, roll them up, and take them to the site to be installed, we can travel anywhere with the mural.

How long do murals last?

Murals painted on parachute cloth have been known to last at least thirty years without any fading or peeling. Many murals on the East Coast have lasted longer, even through rough winters.

What is the average price of a mural?

Several factors go into the pricing of a mural.

Labor is calculated based on the size of the wall, the level of detail, and materials costs. We are happy to work with you to design a mural that works within your budget, so feel free to ask for a quote.

Bay Area, CA