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What is the average price of a mural?

Several factors go into the pricing of a mural.

Labor is calculated based on the size of the wall, the level of detail, and materials costs. I am happy to work with you to design a mural that works within your budget, so feel free to ask for a quote.


Do you do workshops?

Yes! I have held several paint days, educational workshops, and community events as part of the mural-making process. I've worked with all ages from kindergarteners to seniors.

Community engagement is my favorite part of being a public artist. Let's discuss how we can involve your community in the creation of your mural! 


How are your murals created?

I paint murals both directly and by using the parachute cloth method. I'm happy to discuss which technique best suits your project. 

Directly painted murals are fairly self explanatory--this method is wonderful and flexible, especially for walls that are very textured.

If you're looking for a mural with an emphasis on realism and detail, the parachute cloth method is gaining popularity on the East Coast. I paint the mural in sections onto a synthetic canvas-like material in my studio. Once the piece is completed, the sections are applied to the wall using a super-strong adhesive, and then is triple-sealed with a UV protectant.

Parachute cloth takes on the texture of the wall it’s applied to and becomes a permanent fixture, preventing peeling, fading, and extending the life of the mural. Murals on parachute cloth can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to paint them.

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