About the Artist

I am a native San Franciscan who is passionate about making beautiful, long lasting, and meaningful public art.

In 2013 I moved to Philadelphia to attend a dual-degree program between the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Graduated ‘17) and the University of Pennsylvania (Graduated ‘18 magna cum laude).

After graduating, I had the tremendous good fortune to work with Kala Hagopian, lead artist and founder of Hagopian Arts. Kala shaped my direction as a young artist, teaching me how to create impeccable murals that are intensely detailed, highly realistic and colorful, and strong enough to withstand decades of harsh weather conditions. I continue to work with Hagopian Arts from across the country, so stay tuned for more!

After three years as the full time lead assistant, I moved back to the Bay Area in winter of 2020 to be close to my family and to launch my own mural company: ORLUarts!



Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: 2014-2018. Graduated magna cum laude 

Certificate in Painting, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia: 2013-2017. 

Murals I designed/painted:


-The Eco Mural Project 13: Leafy Sea Dragon, 927 s 46th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-I Am Because We Are, Faith Worship Center Daycare, 65 Penn Blvd., Landsdowne, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Hope Medallions (I designed and painted three of six, Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and Arts & Crafts Holdings, 990 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts


-Eco Mural Project 7: Nautili, Hagopian Arts, Choy Wong Kitchen, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts



-Eco Mural Project 3: Arowana, Red Lotus Spa, Philadelphia PA. Hagopian Arts

Murals where I was lead assistant:


-Eco Mural Project 12: Luna Moth, The Cube at 30th Street Station, University City District, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Eco Mural Project 11 (Series of 9): Collaboration with John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. Hagopian Arts

-Keep Going Mural, in partnership with Drive Out Suicide (Gabriel Nathan) and Spak Properties, Park Pizza, West Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Art at the Airport Exhibition, Terminal D, Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Hope Medallions (Series of 6), Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and Arts & Crafts Holdings, 990 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts



-25th Anniversary Marathon Mural, Quaker MotorSport, Philadelphia, PA, through Hagopian Arts and Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

-Eco Mural Project 9: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Cedar Park Triangle, Cedar Park Neighbors, University City District, Philadelphia, PA

-Eco Mural Project 8: Chesapeake’s Bounty, Painted and designed by Katie Lillard and the 2019 Public Art Class of Wye River Upper School in partnership with Hagopian Arts and Kent County Arts Council, The Mainstay, Rock Hall, MD  

-Eco Mural Project 6: Honey Bee, Inner Rhythms, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Eco Mural Project 5: Wetlands, Davis Pharmacy in Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Mercantile Library Mural, 1021 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts, Brickstone Properties, and Philadelphia Mural Arts Program



-Eco Mural Project 4: Amphibian, University City Housing in Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Archetype Solutions Group Interior Mural in Philadelphia PA. Hagopian Arts

-New Courtland Fellowship Mural and Painting Workshops 3, Center For the Emerging Visual Arts and NewCourtland in Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts

-Brauhaus Schmitz, South Street in Philadelphia. Hagopian Arts

-Symbiosis, Eco Mural Project 2, Emlen School in Philadelphia PA. City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and Hagopian Arts

-Eco Mural Project 1: Kauai Coral Reef Life, One Stop Deli in Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts



-Neighborhood Bike Works Mural, Neighborhood Bike Works, Philadelphia, PA. Hagopian Arts


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Bay Area, CA